Piper PA31-350 Navajo

  • 3-9 Passenger Seats
  • Payload up to 2,000lbs
  • All-Weather Capable
  • 190 MPH Cruise
Cessna 207 Stationair

  • 1-5 Passenger Seats
  • Payload up to 1,400lbs
  • Rough Airstrip Capability
  • 145 MPH Cruise

Tanana Air Service has the fleet to suit your needs. Our aircraft can be easily configured for passengers, cargo, or both. 

The Cessna 207 is the ubiquitous work-horse of Alaska. Great cargo capacity matched with good short-strip capabilities and modest cruise speed, the Cessna 207 is one of the most popular bush aircraft in the state.

The Navajo is our largest aircraft. We can take up to 9 passengers or 2,000 pounds of cargo across the state when weather conditions ground smaller, single-engine aircraft. Twin-engines also gives this aircraft its high cruise speed, so you'll get there quicker.

  • 1-5 Passenger Seats
  • Payload up to 1,100lbs
  • Retractable Landing Gear
  • 160 MPH Cruise

The Lance is great for long-distance flights when time is of the essence. Retractable landing gear gives this aircraft a higher cruising speed than our other single-engine aircraft, however, it also restricts the Lance to airports with longer, improved runways.

Piper PA32-300R Lance